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"Roleplaying" means attempting to play your character as if he/she were a real inhabitant of Tolkien's world, with a life story, understandable motivations, who must interact realistically with other characters and with the environment - not just a mechanical device for getting points and levels.

Top management here favors role-play and encourages it, though we do not require it. Commands that will help you roleplay include:

change description
Lets you describe your physical appearance, what people will see when they look at you.
change whois
Edits what people will see when they type whois <your name>. This could include what is generally known about you: your reputation and recent exploits.
There are some books on roleplaying in some of the libraries. Roleplaying cannot be imposed on players by management - at least, we aren't willing to do it here - but we reserve the right to encourage it with coded features from time to time. For example, elves (or other Westerners) who commit crimes against peaceful inhabitants of the west can expect that their alignment will suffer strongly and maybe some protectors of good will deal harshly with them. We also will require your characters to act as separate characters (not helping each other with equipment, arranging ambushes together, etc.) — see the different RULE headings for this (e.g. rules character separation).

Beyond this, we would hope that players who enjoy role-playing will come together for mutual enjoyment. Please use the idea command to suggest ways in which management can help.

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