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The names of the months in Westron and Sindarin are detailed below, along with the times of dawn and dusk during each month.

Season Westron Sindarin Dawn Dusk
Winter Afteryule Narwain 8 am 6 pm
Solmath Nínui 9 am 5 pm
Rethe Gwaeron 8 am 6 pm
Spring Astron Gwirith 7 am 7 pm
Thrimidge Lothron 7 am 8 pm
Forelithe Nórui 6 am 8 pm
Summer Afterlithe Cerveth 5 am 9 pm
Wedmath Urui 4 am 10 pm
Halimath Ivanneth 5 am 9 pm
Autumn Winterfilth Narbeleth 6 am 8 pm
Blotmath Hithui 7 am 8 pm
Foreyule Girithron 7 am 7 pm

The times of dawn and dusk/night can also be found when typing help <month>; for example, help astron.

All months have 30 days in MUME, so a MUME year only has 360 days.

See also: TIME, DAY, MOON

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