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[Delayed Command]

cast [<effort>] <spell name> [<parameters>]

For spell casters. If you want to throw a spell at someone or something.

Note that the name of the spell must be enclosed by apostrophes ('). Also, the spell name doesn't need to be typed fully - abbreviations are also accepted; e.g. cast 'ench' sword.

Each spell takes a given amount of time to cast.

When already in combat, your opponent is automatically set to target if you cast offensive spells with no argument. See the example for explicit detail.


  > cast 'lightning bolt' cavebear
  The lightning bolt hits the cavebear with full impact
  the cavebear:Fine> cast quick 'lightning bolt'
  The lightning bolt hits the cavebear with full impact
  the cavebear:Hurt>
Casting a spell uses up your mana. The actual quantity used has a random component, which decreases if you learn the spell very well.

Attempting a spell you don't know well, or that costs almost all your mana, is likely to result in a backfire. When you start casting, you will be warned if the risk of backfire is higher than normal: you will receive the message You muster all of your concentration... instead of You start to concentrate...

The effects of a spell improve the higher you practice it.

This is true even of spells like enchant, sanctuary and heal, which used to have a fixed effect. Putting only a few practices on a spell means casting it at a lower effective level, with lesser effects and higher mana cost. Hard to learn, high-level spells may require many practice sessions before you can even attempt to use them.

Casting also takes an optional <effort> parameter, just before the name of the spell. You can cast a spell more slowly but with greater effects, or quickly but with a higher chance of backfire. The possible efforts are:

   quick       - casting time, + mana used, - spell power, + backfire
   normal      minimize mana usage; average casting time, power, backfire
   thorough    + casting time, + mana used, + spell power, - backfire
By default, casting without an <effort> parameter is equivalent to cast normal. You can however change spellcasting to choose a new default.


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