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Use change hints to enable or disable in-game hints.


  > change hints [on|off]

By default, only new players up to level 12 receive hints.

Random Hints

Random hints are useful tidbits of MUME knowledge.

They are displayed at logon or with one of the following:

  > hint                 displays a random hint
  > hints show random    displays all random hints
  > hints view random    sends all random hints to your viewer

Contextual Hints

Contextual hints are focused on a specific event that happened to the character and offer tailored advice. For example, exhausted adventurers carrying too much weight will receive a suggestion to travel lighter.

To avoid spam, the same hint will not repeat itself too often (but: see hints show recent below) and will only be displayed a limited amount of times. To receive all contextual hints again, use hints reset.

Related commands are:

  > hints show recent [<count>]   displays recent advice
  > hints view recent [<count>]   sends recent advice to your viewer
  > hints reset                   will show all contextual hints again


Feel free to contribute! Please idea new random hints that are:

  • Focused on issues that new players (levels 1-12) may have.
  • Express one idea concisely (make that two hints if needed).
  • Preferably in-character (but OOC if that cannot be done conveniently).
We already have a long backlog of contextual hints we'd like to implement, but feel also free to idea proposals with detailed advice lists (things to check about the character) and texts to display.


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