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Renting and Offers

For use in inns. The command offer will make the innkeeper tell you the cost of storing your carried items for one (real life) day. rent will store the items and make you leave the game. The next time you enter, you'll start out in the inn where you left. The inn will store your items as long as you have the gold to pay the rent. Money will be automatically taken out of moneybags to cover the expense.

Costs, Confiscation, and Recovery

For playability reasons, rent costs are not linear in time. The first day of rent costs more than the second, which costs more than the third, and so on. As a consequence, players who can't connect for a few weeks won't have to pay an exorbitant sum when they return.

If you overstay at an inn and you don't have enough money to pay the rent, your equipment is confiscated to cover the cost. However, innkeepers will give you the opportunity to recover your possessions, provided that you pay them the money owed - plus a penalty fee. It is recommended you repay your debt as soon as possible, as your former possessions will be sold off 24 RL hours after.

You cannot recover equipment you lost due to link-rent and you need an innkeeper to recover items - which means Black Númenóreans and Zaugurz Orcs cannot recover their confiscated equipment.

The status of the confiscated equipment can be checked with the offer command. To recover it, give the exact amount requested to the innkeeper.


Players above level 15 (other than Istari) will not be able to rent in some towns as the folk there are simply too suspicious of them. Evil high level players will have to risk going to the forsaken city of Tharbad, while good players should journey to places such as the fair Rivendell.

Renting Pets and Mounts

You can also use the rent command to rent your mobiles (e.g. horses) at stables. Move to a stable, and type rent <pet> in order to do this. You have to lead or ride the mobile you want to rent.

You can retrieve your mobile from the stables by using the trade command to return the ticket and get your mobile back.

Warning about Link-rent

If your connection to the game breaks, after a while the game will rent you automatically. Note that most of the time this will result in you paying much greater rent costs. You will also be rented automatically if the game crashes or reboots.

Cheaper rent for ancient characters

Ancient characters of the good races are expected to live peacefully and thus pay a lower rent in a few inns: free, cheaper or normal, according to their current wealth.


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