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You can select which language you want to use when talking with other people. Use change language <language> to change to another one. Without a given language, that command will show a list of possible languages and a number indicating how well you speak each language. To get a list of all the languages, and to see how well you know each of them, type change language.

Several languages are spoken in the realm of Middle-earth:

  • Westron is the most common language, that of men.
  • Khuzdul is a Dwarven language, only a few people speak it seriously.
  • Adûnaic was the language spoken in Numenor and by some descendants.
  • Quenya is the language of the High Elves. It is old and now almost forgotten.
  • Sindarin is the common tongue of all Elves.
  • Morbeth is the black speech, spoken by all the evil servants of Morgoth.
  • Orkish is the language of the Orcs.
  • Animal is not really a language, it allows communication with some creatures.
  • Dunnish is the language of the Dunlendings.
  • Beorning is the language of the Beornings.
  • Rohirric is the language of the Rohirrim.
  • Entish is the language of the Ents.
  • Arcanes is the language of the immortals, understood by all.
Depending on your race, you will start the game with varying knowledge of all these languages. You acquire (or improve) other tongues by hearing better speakers, at a rate which varies with your intelligence.

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