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Chessboards are available for tired adventurers in most inns and bars.

Look at the chessboard during a game to see where the pieces are. Upper case pieces are white, lower case pieces are black.

To set up the pieces for a new game, type 'setup'.

To move a piece, type move <startsquare> <endsquare>, for example, 'move e2 e4' or 'move e2-e4'.

To place a new piece on the board (for instance when your pawn gets promoted) 'place <piece> <coordinates>' - for instance 'place Q c8'.

To clear away the pieces, type 'clear'.

To take back the previous move, type 'takeback'.

Remember, it's a game - don't kick the chessboard if you lose.

Since chess is a game of passion the colours you choose for shout and yell are used to show the pieces.

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