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There are many boards about Arda. Each board has a different purpose, as given by its name.

For help on the "board" command, see "help ferry".

A summary of boards features:

- 'look at board' or 'look board' shows only unseen, non-archived messages.
- 'look whole board' shows all messages (seen are marked with a '+', archived
  with a '-').
- 'look whole board by <player name>' shows all messages by someone.
- 'look threads' shows all message threads.
- 'look all threads' shows additional information on message threads.
- 'look thread <number>' shows all messages belonging to a certain thread.
- 'write <title>' lets you write a new message.
- 'reply [quoted] <number> [by mail] <title>' replies to an existing message.
  If you omit <number> you reply to the last read message.
  If you omit <title> your message will have the same title as the message you
  are replying to.
- 'read next' displays next unseen message (better use that than 'read
  <num>'). Non-archived messages are displayed first.
- 'read last' rereads the last message that you read.
- 'read forward' reads the next reply to the last message you read.
- 'read thread <number>' reads the first message of a thread.
- 'read thread <number> next' displays next unseen message in thread.
- 'read origin' reads the first message of the current thread.
- 'edit' takes the same arguments as 'read' and lets you change the wording
  of a previous message you have written.
- 'mark <number>' marks a message that you want to remember.
  Such messages are still displayed by 'look board' even if they have been read
  (they are marked with a '*' after the message number).
  You can use 'unmark <n>' to remove the mark.
  You can also do 'mark last', or 'unmark last'.
- 'catchup <number>' marks all the messages up to <number> as seen.
  If <number> is omitted, all the messages are marked as seen.
- 'catchup thread <number>' marks all messages in thread as read.
  If <number> is omitted, you mark all messages in the current thread.
- 'reset' clears your memories of a board, marking all messages as unread.
- 'remove <number>' will remove a message you have posted.

Messages marked with a '#' won't be removed by time update.

On some boards (such as News), messages are considered archived after a while and only new entries are displayed by default (see 'look board', 'look whole board', 'read next' above for more information.)

If you use "view" instead of "read", you will get a copy of the text in your editor. Note that you can't change the actual text on the board.

If you try to read a message but you can't see anything, or get an "infinite loop" error, it is very likely that you have too many unread messages. Type "catchup" and then read the messages with "read <msg number>".


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