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When a living creature dies, it leaves a body which contains the wordly possessions that were carried at the moment of death. You can loot the corpses of your fallen enemies and friends. You can also bury corpses, burn them, or (if your mind is truly twisted) come up with many other things you could do with the corpse of a fallen enemy.

If you have died, you can try to retrieve your equipment, but be aware that corpses do decay after some time. Rumour says this takes a bit longer than a full MUME-day.

In case a true hero meets his (not so final) demise, there is a chance a guardian-shadow rises and tries to prevent other players from looting the corpse.

When drowning in a river or other large body of water, it may happen your corpse get carried away by the current. In this case you may be able to discover it by following the stream of the water.

Sometimes corpses can not be recovered at all, for example, if you happend to die in an extremely dangerous place (also known as deathtrap).

Note that dense fog may make it impossible to see items on the ground; that includes corpses.

Some creatures, such as ghosts, do not leave a corpse behind, once they are put to their final rest.

Corpses "inherit" the keywords of the corresponding living creature, followed by "-corpse": for example, dwarf-corpse, wolf-corpse, and so on.


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