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Riding a mount makes transportation a lot easier, especially if you're travelling a long distance. The better you know how to control your mount, the longer both you and your animal can go before you need to rest.

Great agility and an iron will are quite important when learning this.

Use ride to ride on a mobile. Use dismount or lead to get off the mount.

Only certain mobiles may be ridden (such as horses), and very strong players! Very short people trying to ride animals much larger and heavier than themselves will have some trouble controlling their mounts.

If you type ride without any commands, you will try to ride any previously ridden mounts in the area you are in.

You will only be able to control a horse if you are the first one to ride it. To ride with someone else on their mount, you can use ride behind <someone>.

You may not be able to ride in certain outdoor areas, and certain indoor areas may allow riding. You will have to learn these areas as they appear. Riding a horse is a little tiring.

While riding, you will realize if your mount is becoming tired (in your prompt). Expert riders can also do this by looking at a mount, even if they are not riding it.

Note: If the controller of the horse is not in combat and neither is the horse, the controller may encourage the horse to ride on, even if there are other players on the horse who are fighting.

Examples on using mounts:

 > ride horse                   ride the horse
 > lead                         dismount and lead your mount
 > ride                         ride the mount that you previously led
 > dismount                     dismount from your mount
 > ride behind gandalf          ride with Gandalf on his horse

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