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When creating your legend home you will be able to decide certain things, one of which is the style and complexity of the door to it. You can have most any type of material to make your door out of, much like the rest of Arda. Branches, wood and metal are the most common. Keep in mind the area you locate your house in, your door will need to match the existing surroundings to be approved.

You may elect to pay for upgrades to the pickable percentage of the door lock as well. There are no upkeep charges per day when upgrading your door. The higher % your door has, the higher the % of the person trying to pick the door open will need to be. Each increment of 10% is 200 gold coins:

Pick % Total Price
10% 200g
20% 400g
30% 600g
40% 800g
50% 1000g
60% 1200g
70% 1400g
80% 1600g
90% 1800g
100% 2000g

  • Keep in mind that 100% isn't necessarily unpickable.
  • You may no longer buy nobash, nobreak or nopick for your door.
You may hire a doorman who will faithfully stand inside your home to open and close the door upon your command for an additional 750 gold and 5 silver per day upkeep.


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