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Syntax      : cast 'locate' [<key>] [<max distance>]
Type        : Long range
Accumulative: N/A
Duration    : No
Casting     : Very long
Position    : Standing
Level       : Level 6 
Class       : Magic User
Min. Mana   : 20
You may use this spell in two different ways.

By casting 'locate' you will learn to feel the magical aura of the place where you stand. This can then be used to anchor on that place with spells like 'teleport', 'watch room', and 'find the path'.

Using this spell with a special anchor or "key" will yield to you a mental map showing all places within range where the corresponding creature, object or place is to be found.

To gather magical anchors on creatures or objects you must use the 'identify' spell.

Last, know that you will not receive any information on hidden or indoors places.

It takes a brilliant mind to master this skill; deep insight and an iron will are important too.

NOTE: <max distance> is given in miles.

NOTE: In order to use this spell you must first find out the magical key of the object, mobile, or room you are attempting to locate.
(In the example the magical key is the "zordurhozo" part).

The keys for objects, mobiles, and players can be obtained with the IDENTIFY spell.

NOTE: If you cast the LOCATE spell with no arguments, you will get the magical key of the room you stand in. This key is needed when using the TELEPORT, PORTAL, SCRY and WATCH ROOM spells.

A comparison between 'LOCATE LIFE' and 'LOCATE' (for locating mobiles):

needs: name of creature
gives: nearby locations of the creature, and their teleport keys

needs: magical key of creature
gives: graphical representation of those locations in relation to you (but no detailed information or teleport keys)


  > cast 'locate' zordurhozo


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