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All players have a limited number of movement points which varies with age, race, and possible stats and magic items. When you reach 0 movement points you will be too tired to move. Resting or sleeping can help you replenish your strength. Naturally, it is easier to move in a field than in the mountains. You will find it less tiring to move long distances if you are riding a mount.

It requires movement points to perform things like bashing/assisting/etc. It also requires movement points for long distance communication. A fraction of your total movement points is used when you:

Action Fraction
Shout 3.33%
Narrate 2%
Sing 2%
Yell 0.66%

Movement points are per default displayed in your prompt. As long as you are somewhat rested, nothing will be shown. As you get more and more tired, one of the following words is displayed (in descending order of power): Tired, Slow, Weak, Fainting, Exhausted.

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