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If your characters has been retired for a while, you will be able to obtain a limited or full reroll by typing reroll. You can check if are entitled to a reroll by typing account info <name>. If you are, you will be able to reroll an unlimited number of times until you leave retirement.

Note: If you reroll, your age and practices will be reset. You must obtain your rerolls before leaving the Halls of Retirement or you will void being entitled to them! No reimbursements will be given for missed rerolls!

Limited Rerolls

In limited rerolls, you can change a few of your stats by a little - but not to make drastic changes, like turning a spellcaster into a warrior.

Non-legend characters can reroll after 31 days in retirement. Legend characters can reroll after a RL year in retirement.

Full Rerolls

Full rerolls allow you to fully alter your stats. The required retirement time is dependent on the character's level, but is usually between 4 and 8 years.


  > account info frodo
  > reroll

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