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The train command has three different purposes.

You can use it to refresh one or more skills, in order not to forget them:

  > train fireball
  > train all
Or you can use it to stop exercising in a given skill, so that you will eventually forget it:

  > train off dodge

This is quite useful to decay certain constantly used skills, like dodge.

If you later train dodge, train on dodge, prac dodge or learn dodge, you will resume training in the skill, and it won't decay anymore (if you keep using it, that is).

Skills in which you are not training anymore are marked by an asterisk in the practice list:

Skill / Spell          Knowledge  Difficulty Class      Mana Casting time
Cure light           * Superb     Normal     Cleric       10, Very short
                Not refreshed
Finally, train can be used to improve some of your base abilities at the expense of others. For example:
  > train improve strength
  > train neglect constitution
  > train maintain perception
  > train revert will
Once you choose some abilities to improve and some abilities to neglect, your statistics will start changing in the direction you required. The change is slow (it should take about one RL month to see some effects) and it is impossible to improve or worsen your stats too far from their starting point. The order in which you improve or neglect your stats is irrelevant. You cannot train stats beyond the limits of your race.

The train status command shows your current choices.

Note: Unlike rerolls, training does not affect your practice percentages. The percentage to which you can practice a skill is only based on your base abilities.

See also: PRACTICE

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