Action Hunting Ban

Date:Sat Jun 19 10:38:42 1999
Using client actions to hunt is from now on completely Forbidden.

This includes having actions to auto-follow, auto-hit, auto-cast, or auto-do
more or less anything that gives you an advantage in PK.

If in doubt, don't do it.

Most common examples:

An *opponent* leaves             *** WEST *** 
> west                           << issued by the client
Some place.
An *opponent* (bad link) doesn't know he's here yet.
> kill *opponent*                << issued by the client


> l
Some place.
> 'Where are these
An *opponent* staggers clumsily in the room from the west.
> kill *opponent*                << issued by the client
'Where are these opponents?

Beware that we have means to discover actionhunters, and people caught doing
it will be demoted.

--This ever friendly Management.