New Questionnaire

Date:Thu Feb 10 18:23:58 2000
A bit early on schedule (usually we run them every 2.5 years and the last one
was ran in February 98), here is the new MUME Questionnaire!

To answer it, go in one of the following rooms:
- Bree:          The Common Room
- Rivendell:     Observatory
- Fornost:       Dining Hall of The Crown
- Grey Havens:   Watchtower (South of Osse's Well)
- Orc caves:     Humid Cave
- Troll warrens: Caved-in Tunnel
- Valinor:       Cafe Francais (room 5)

And type 'answer'. Please answer this questionnaire only with one char...

As usual the answers of this questionnaire are strictly confidential. The 
statistics on the answers will be computed next month.