Questionnaire comments

Date:Fri Apr 7 17:54:12 2000
Your (somehow relevant and anonymous) comments:

- (I love it here. Could not think of a better way to waste my time. :))

- (One thing about mume that needs change is the Ainu. The Ainu never give a
  shit about linkdeaths or crashes when people die. They also never read the
  complaint board or whatever its called. I also think that trolls should get
  more practice sessions and that you should add one more town for whitties.
  Other than that I like MUME. I just hate lag.)

- (I would like to ask the management to reduce the amounts of mazes in the
  game. In my experience, the only way you can hope to learn a maze is from
  another player, and ppl very rarely divulge that kind of information outside
  their lab group. One can find one's way around by mapping and memorizing
  areas and do ok that way, but with lots of complicated mazes, labgroups
  abound. Other than that, thanks for the great mud *<8^))

- (you should change the healty, fine, hurt.... to display the number of hps.
  plus i believe you should display the damage caused by hits in numbers rather
  then lightly, hard, ...)

  // And rebuild Midgaard?

- (a bit more help for newbies would be great...)

- (good game despite its addictive properties =p)

- (Hard to playerkill when so many people have been playing for so godawful
  long, and hard to roleplay when NOBODY else does.)

- (more prac resets! ;))   

  // Dream ;-)

- (Nice, good, best. What more I can say?)

- (Good work people!!!!)

- (finish the zones all the way out to lonely mountain, so we can do
  "the hobbit" thing. :))

- (It would be cool to store a tad of eq/money so when I die It dosen't take so
  long to reequip (yes I know this dosen't fit the role play thing but lab
  people have a huge advantage bc thier friends are right there to reequip
  them) anyway just a thought)

- (i've been playing muds long time ago, and that's the best one)

- (blehblehbleh?)

  // indeed!

- (I don't want to be a god....never be able to play...make trolls more

- (abolish the thirtyminute rule-- crack down on multiplaying and spam narrate)

- (It seems too many ppl have ideas about what *needs* to change, but this
  about the players, and not the system.)

- (an other darkie race would be cool... and another darkie town. and at least
  one lightie town should be raidable... BREE, for example :-) Else, its ok !)

- (mume would be better if city defense\hardons kept west of bwine)

- (Mume has its flaws, but compared to every other mud I've tried, it stands

- (Keep the new zone projects coming!)

- (need new zones.. or at least more mid lvl mobs.. a lot of players on
  lately.. not enough kills to go around)

- (The only complaint I have is the difficulty leveling solo--I am rarely able
  to group because of time constraints, though I do understand that is just
  part of the game design...otherwise I enjoy my time on this site immensely.)

- (I am always impressed by the amount of detail in Mume. Such details as the
  length of the days changing depending upon the season. Mume is the most well
  thought out virtual environment I've ever seen.)

- (there should be an option to answer multiple OSes and clients)

  // Yes... 


- (Higher management needs some retooling and some promotions. All the oldy V+
  are tired of the game.. Also, realism isn't necessarily the best policy. If
  we wanted realism we wouldnt be playing an online rpg :))

- (MUME is, was and always will be the best MUD around.)

- (Newbie help could be a little more interactive)

- (fun fun)

- (lag sux!!!)

- (MUME kicks ass! lots of crashes lately that sucks)

- (mobdeath xp loss sucks, slow link ppl get wasted in pk, make more areas free

- (Add jmc to choice of clients!)

- (Vote early and often.)

- (This game needs a strict role-play format!)

- (get old ford and warrens back :))

- (Mume rocks, keep up the great work)

- (Always an inspiring game, and definatly above the majority of other MUDs
  that I've encountered.)

- (Best roleplay-mud ever.)

- (mume is awesome ;))

- (MUME is an excellent game and I like the varied game rooms (which are very
  accurate to theLOTR). However, the management, a lot of the time, just loves
  to piss people off. You should get demoted or something :P)

- (MUME could be better if management would be more open to new ideas and
  suggestions. Keep up your work :))

- (go on ! Mume can be better ! :))

- (if this is mud is to take place before the ring was found, some zones should
  do significant changes to attack/defence/% of bstab. Example, an orc near
  rdell would be shaking in his boots and have a low chance of bstabing and and
  everything else. e.g. the zones should play more affect on skills. also,
  should be able to bank money or have a spot to leave money that only you can
  get for a reeq after death. other than that..pretty good mud overall, great
  skill system.)

- (sundeath is to hard on trolls, bn's are to hard to level and play, bn's
  tlose to much xp when they die to high levels, for example when my level 11
  bn accidently ported into "a sleeping cave" with 4 large Earth trTrolls, and
  lost a level.)

  // *peer*

- (Tough questions.)

- (Their has to be a set of rules so the gods can't be choosy of who they do
  and don't punsih.)

- (Some of the questions have multiple choices, for example, I play mume both
  from home and office, etc.)

- (Needs to be more rules geared towards RP characters.)

- (MUME is fantastic. Even when I get bored of it and go look for other muds, I
  always come back here. I love the game. I just wish management would get
  player opinion before making huge changes (e.g., backstab or hit/flee))

- (Roleplay should be more important here. Mobs should be more "alive" I have
  too many comments to mention these here :))

- (Keep on being MUME ;))

- (I do not remember correct time I started playing. I can not stand peoples
  whining that something is owerpowered or something was better. MUME is THE
  BEST for now and is going to be better and better (I hope). Thanx.)

- (hate to solve quests in mume...i can never reveal needed informations, you
  will know how to solve it if someone tells you)

- (Keep going but change the managment poicy that really sucks)

- (Alignments need to be modified a bit (If you loot a whitie corpse, it should
  be considered evil) Too much Darkie behavior on White side)

- (Great game. Ive never gotten too far, but its the source of endless
  amusement for me...keep up the good work!)

- (Novoid flag idea is great. Solution awfull.)

- (make it more fun instead of concentrating on the game mechanics)

- (I personally think MUME is brilliant, amainly because it is so detailed.
  BNut (But rather) there is one major problem - Unlike on the mud I used
  before, ther e is no way to use bckaspace(Backspace even).)

- (More new zones would be nice, esp round GH and BM, no one ever stays in BM
  for ny length of time. They seem to be rdell for pk or bree and fnost to xp.
  Put some nice mobs at BM *nod self* :))

- (Keep up the good work.)

- (just keep it going)

- (>I just think that you should work on the skill system a little more
  (clerics should be able to use bludgeoning, thieves should be able to parry,
  all without screwing up their other skills). That's it.)

- (Great mud, best I've seen out there and I've been mudding for 6 or 7 years)

- (you should make the game less like a drug.. its to easy to get addicted.)

- (Client - 'MUSHclient' )

- (keep up the great work - mume rocks)

- (Addicted for Life (-:)

- (mume6 was better than mume7:))

- (Mume LAW system needs to be corrected. Of course it is A+ mud, but if they
  set up rules once, thoes must be followed also. Build more areas! Dont expand
  code so much but fix bugs more.)

- (Most of the new changes that have global and big impacts are applied without
  test and that cause to serious game damage and new *features*)

- (I think certain people should be chosen to take the Istari Quest, based on
  their interaction with others (namely narrations).)

- (Things somehow need to be more balanced to allow people with worse links a
  better chance to play. This is probably too much to ask though. Also there
  should be more areas for those with worse links to play without having to
  worry about the threat of darkies.)

- (Remove the incap system and features like
  "cannot flee and attack at the same time" which only serve to make hugegroups
  even more powerful)

- (listen to suggestions from players more, dont be so mean to us sometimes)

- (Great MUD. Im addicted :P)

- (The questionnaire lacks some ingame questions. Such as
  "what do you think is MUME's biggest problem? or " What book features do you
  miss in MUME?". Things I dislike in MUME: everyone using the same stuff, eq
  overpowered, lack of most feature characters from the books, hierarchical
  distribution of power creates terrible bottlenecks.)

- (Pretty good, except the repop needs to be altered a bit...)

- (get rid of hardened ranger and phier!)

  // Guess which won't go? :)

- (MUME should get more players. Thousands are playing EQ, UO but only a few
  hundred play MUME. We should try to push it more.)

- (find a sollution to linkless killings, at least make ppl frown)

- (destroy the damn server, delete all the system files and all the backups and
  let me enjoy RL :-))

- (MUME rocks! But a few things like 1 handed wielding of bows really need to
  be fixed for realism's sake! Bow's should be shitty melee weapons.)

- (Management should work on mobs intelligece on talking/acting. Also they
  should take more care about players (retire/kits/answering newbies/on
  questions from mortals/links/lags etc).)

- (*hugelishug!*)

- (hmm why that would be nice if i can reroll my full stats)
  // No kidding ;-)

- (I played MUME actively a few years ago, but stopped then and am now paying
  again, from scratch. No old chars, eq, etc have survived.)

- (Though players won't admit it, MUME has one of the best Management to take
  care of us mortals.)

- (Great MUD! Love it! Just started playing "seriously" ...and it's great!
  Thanks a lot guys!)

- (Think a solution to end the linkless killing! Good players leave the game
  because of it)

- (some bugs that need to be fixed, but otherwise great)

- (Thanks for rocking mud, to bad i never have time to mud anymore though due
  to busy in school :()

- (it is to much 'hunting' for eq in the game. There should be an option to
  play a kind of 'tramp/thug/begger-type' who wouldnt gain benefit from other
  than basic eq BUT some more bonus from plain stuff. It is NOT good if new
  zones bring better and better non-artifact-eq into game. Diversity is good
  but not inflation. Finally, playermount (playerhorse etc) should not be
  noidea. Thanks for a good game. I try to contribute some.)

- (RoAClient *blush*)

- (this is the best game i have ever been involved in, keep up the good work)

- (I would like to see the rules better and harder enforced. At the moment,

- (keep the good work, and get rid of novoid flag)

- (just little improvements, then result if basically perfect :))

- (impressive)

- (I'd wish for an assignment board in valinor. For gods to get info on things
  to do, or write ideas.)

- (thanks.)

- (I love this game! I would like to see a seperate port set up with auto spam
  level 100 max eq ect.... for us pk addicts, maybe you could only run it for
  like 4 hours a day tho so rl mume isn't vacated :))

- (Only complaints are lag, the massive penalties for mobdeath, and sundeath =

- (The MERP rules and rigidly tolkien world are awesome on Mume!)

- (too addictive)

- (I think first aid should stop or at least slow down the effects of venom...
  it's not fair that non-casters can't heal themselves in such a situation.)

- (I think last time I put here: Let trolls mend shields! Thanks for listening.
  Now can we PLEASE get a "war" channel? Narrate destroys any rp atmosphere
  (also removing TELL would rule), but its hard to pk without communication,
  when pukes do have it. Thanks)

- (I really like the theme of the MUD, that's why I play it. However, I think
  the DIKU engine really limits the play and the world.)

- (time to eveolve, make world dynamic ( areas change according to event etc ),
  develop graphical MUME client, catch up with tech capabilities)

- (no more time mortaling (only reading some boards) these days because RL
  takes too much time, not that i mind :))

- (nothing else matters :))

- (All in all I think Mume is a good MUD. there are times when I do lag... and
  that sucks... but all that can be done about that is putting a server in the
  US er something)

- (Oh my goodness charge blows! :-p)

- (I quit playing for about a year because some of the things about the game
  bothered me, but when I started playing again, they were all fixed. I like
  the changes that have been made :))

- (Nice mud ? ;))

- (Best MUD ever ... :))

- (DO SOMETHING ABOUT LINKLESSKILLING ,novoid flag is imho moronic!)

- (I have been back to mume, after a long absence, and I find the game as
  improved remarkably)

- (I wish the shops wouldn't close at night... :))

- (I have always loved mume, but think zones should be built more quickly and
  think the Valar should stop downgrading the abilities of darkies so often. I
  also think there are too many useless gods who dont contribute to the game,
  and instead snoop or chat and whittle their time away.)

- (I keep coming back to this game despite lag and link problems over the

- (very cool game)

- (well, What is your opinion on MUME's management? How can u ask that?)

- (I have tried many muds before this one and have only recently come back to
  it. I love the specifics involved in this mud and how nothing is a guarantee.
  I have a few ideas which I think could help. People that follow you when you
  don't wish to be followed should have an anti-follow command (like lose
  shadow). Plus more rooms would be wonderful. Of course I already think this
  mud is great so these suggestions are merely improvements on a great system.
  No major complaints (cept maybe lag)

- (Your doing a great job of making MUME a fun place to be, just need to ease
  up on the rules a bit, one of my chars pwords were hacked and I got demoted
  for it... if it would have been me, it would had been fair, but it wasn't...)

- (this mud would be better if there were more builders and the world evolved
  more quickly. this mud is hard to play and that is GOOD)

- (Love you all :))

  (Haven't had time in RL to play anymore, though I used to be MUCH more
  active. Always had a blast. I just wish I could get [X] immorted. Senile
  old orc, he'd find a niche to fill. :))

- (overkilling getting to be a bit of a problem lately, any way to get that
  regulated or something to make the game a little more fair?)

- (Pretty good client)

- (great)

- (hehe, you doing nice job...too bad i cant play it seriously any more...)

- (Great fun. And management equally as indifferent to all player complaints.
  Frustrating upon few occasions but same applies to all it seems, so pretty

- (can we not all just get along and live peaceful lives in harmony.)

- (Keep on COding!)

- (Excellent MUD. Needs more quests, though. Also needs other ways to get xps
  other than killing.)

- (Just a kick ass game wish i had found it sooner)

- (I like this mud alot but the it has a long way to go before it truly
  represents Middle Earth. I think the rate at which new areas are created is
  pretty slow considering JRR Tolkein already laid out the groundwork for you.)

- (At least the game keeps getting better instead of worse.)


- (none ... I miss neutral races actually. this black white bullshit makes me
  sick sometimes...)

- (Kick ass MUD!)

- (Too new to comment too much, but: Some kind of authentication of names and
  descriptions (and possible rewards to encourage proper use) would be nice. I
  have the public channel turned off, since it is abused and spoils the
  atmosphere, perhaps gagging those who misuse it might be helpful.)

- (The management needs serious help, but it is a wonderful mud.)

- (I think this is a great mud, and I hope it will remain that way :) However,
  some of the changes made in the last 12 months have been very strange in the
  beginning. So if the management want's less whine, my suggestion is to inform
  the players a little more about why you make the changes, and then the
  players know the reasons :))

- (we need realdeath here!)

- (I LOVE THIS GAME:))))))))

- (keep up the good work)

- (Naaaah)

- (Keep up the good work!)

- (Awesome mud, best I've seen so far. Only problem is sometimes gods confuse
  you for someone else so they think you are breaking the 30 minute rule when
  you have been off line for hours)

- (MUME kicks ass :>)

- (I don't like the level system and the practise system. You should learn as
  in real life by experience.)

- (Excellent game, management is generally good but it seems that sometimes
  they dont listen to the players that much. Also seems that some people tend
  to cheat a lot. Management seems fair in how they do things for the most part
  though. There should be something to reduce the hugegroups, as they make
  solohunting almost impossible. Stab needs to be tweaked a bit as well since
  it is harder to detect, especially when solo and tracking, etc. Besides all
  that, excellent game, good mobs, [snip])

- (MUME RULEZ!!!!!! =))

- (mume is real cool. i wish i had more time to play)

- (Keep up the good work)

- (ho-ho)

- (Advanced IRC - great to keep kontact with old friends)

  // Yckes !

- (Better information and access to information.)

- (Although Mume is very big and there is alot to explore, I can hardly do any
  exploration due to the PK activity combined with a bad link, so most of my
  playing is spent west of bree.)

- (It's too addictive .-))

- (God damn, I am pretty happy here :))

- (Game rules should be more player-friendly.)

- (still the best mud ever)

- (Very good player-killing system, but roleplaying is almost scorned upon.)

- (I dont like that the only way to get experience is to kill things. I think
  you should get exp for helping others and or useing skills such as making
  venom or bannock, riding a horse, giving someone first aid ect. I do like the
  vast world of arda that has been created, it makes it easy to imagine that I
  am there. anyhoo here you go, food for thought :))

- (Damn RL i want to play more.)

- (keep this way, mume is cool! :))

- (MUME is the best mud ever made. Only a few suggestions: immortals should be
  more friendly, and there should be more active va-s, cause there are more
  buuilders than va-s can manage)

- (keep up and the usual blabla.. only thing i'd want is that there would be
  more dealing with muddle problems like novoid for trolls. The whine spam is
  getting annoying:) Otherwise: UR the best!)

- (great mud, thanks for having me :))

- (Also use Win9x and Zmud, depending on the day, MUME IV was best and...
  whatever happened to "Small Fragments!" )

- (Overall I love mume. The good players do seem to be able (whitie or darkie)
  to respond much faster than other players. Whether this is do to connection
  used, link, etc. I don't know. But, it's part of the game. Keep up the good

- (Well, you could make saurons list so that if you pk someone twice any one
  can just tell you to sauron.)

- (managment is a bit one sided sometimes, otherwise great fun playing)

- (great mud :))

- (keep up the good work and fire some of the buttmunch immos =))

- (I love this game :)))

- (blue)

- (Fix trophy so it shows the real number of mobiles killed!)

- (keep on the good work and dont lets yourself worry too much about all the
  whiners here.)

- (Brilliant work at recreating Tolkien's work.)

- (remove novoid)