Date:Thu Dec 7 21:59:03 2000
Since the clarification of the "RULES ACTIONS" file, a lot of people have
wondered what exactly is legal and what is illegal.

Basically it boils down to one basic issue:
If you create any kind of device that makes your character automatically
respond to game output it is - in general - forbidden if you are in a PK
situation. The exeptions to this are mentioned in the rules file.

It is completely irrelevant if you make a device called #automate or a
chain of small shell scripts that parses game output for you and then sends
back a command, or if you must hold down one or many keys for this automation
to function. It will still be regarded an 'action' since your computer parses
game output and produces game input - MUCH faster than any human ever could.
That is why it is unfair. That is why it is illegal.

ps. This may of course, as anything else, be changed in the future.