A cheater unmasked

Date:Mon Dec 3 21:05:28 2001
A couple of weeks ago, Saatan the Troll "happened" to drop some receipts
from human and elven shopkeepers in an out-of-the-way place, close to the
Warrens. A young Troll picked up the receipts, ran west, and got rid of them
in Midgewater. Then he dug up a hole and remained there ever after. The
receipts were eventually "discovered" by another youngster - a Man - who
evidently didn't have enough cash to redeem them, since he dropped them again.
Finally, Theuram the Dwarf "stumbled" upon them and recovered the items.

Unfortunately, Saatan and Theuram belong to the same player, and the two
intermediate level 1 characters were clearly throwaway characters made for
the express purpose of cheating.

As a consequence, the player lost all of his characters, according to the
rules on multiaccounting and cross-side equipment exchange.