MUME meeting in Czech next year

Date:Tue Dec 18 10:13:04 2001
There will be MUME meeting in Czech next year.
I'm posting it in advance, so we can decide the best date, acceptable
for most of you who want to come. The official meeting will be one
week long, and it will take place sometime during summer vacation.
Please, all of you who want to come, send me dates acceptable
for you. My email is .
Some info about prices now. You can sleep at university college for less
than $3 per night. $5/day is enough for food (maybe less).
Also beer is very cheap and very good (the best).
There are many things we can do here in Czech, so you
don't need to be afraid that you will get bored.
You can also mail me, what would you like to do, your suggestions
and ideas, and we try to think out the best plan for all.
Ok I think that's all you need to know for now ..
You can ask or mail me for additional info.
See you all in Czech next year! :)