Date:Sat Jan 12 14:39:38 2002
                          Welcome to MUME VIII!

In addition to recent additions, this new version of MUME introduces a new
side to the war and two new races.

More details will be explained in the following news.

* Zaugurz Orcs

  A fierce tribe of Orcs from the frozen North, the Zaugurz used to be allies
  of the Uruk-Tarkhnarb. Not long ago, the Tarkhnarb expelled the Zaugurz from
  Goblin Gate; the Zaugurz retaliated with a surprise attack on the western
  portion of the Tarkhnarb caves. Now the Zaugurz are back in force, ready to 
  carve their place into the rich Southern lands...

* Beorning Shapeshifters

  It is said that denizens of the northern Vale of Anduin have the power of
  changing their shape from that of a man to that of a huge bear. Whether they
  descend from great mountain bears, or from the first Men who lived in this
  part of Arda, nobody knows; however, nobody can deny their valour and their
  implacable hatred towards Orcs and Wargs.

MUME VIII planners and coders: Dáin, Gothmog, Frór, and Manwë.