Date:Wed Aug 16 18:56:24 2006
In the next few days, many armour items will be renamed and their properties
will change.

Before the change, there used to be a continuum of armour sets, from thin soft
leather through rigid leather and chain mail, up to thick plate.

After the change, there will only be four main sets of "normal" armour
(not counting mithril, white chain, ring mail, etc):

- Soft leather    (low absorb%,  low max-absorb)
- Rigid leather   (high absorb%, low max-absorb)
- Chain mail      (low absorb%,  high max-absorb)
- Plate mail      (high absorb%, high max_absorb)

For each set, there will be three levels of quality. So you will be able
to find, in ascending order of usefulness,

- a chain mail coif
- a sturdy chain mail coif
- a fine chain mail coif

Existing "fine" armour (i.e. mithril chain) is being renamed to "shining".
Loading spots of armour have changed and are still changing - fine armour 
is not going to be common.

Expect further adjustments in the near future.