The Anduin Vale

Date:Sat Jan 12 16:27:08 2002
Tales from the far side of the Misty Mountains have reached as far as the 
western Ocean, hinting about new and previously uncharted lands. The intrepid 
explorer will have the chance to travel the dark forest of Mirkwood and its 
gloomy horrors, explore the area along the great river Anduin, visit the 
homelands of the fiercely proud Beornings and meet their legendary chieftains.

I would like to thank the team that made this area possible! A huge "Thank You"
goes out to:

Amandil, Eolung, Hobbi, Liliah, Mezmeree, Quillis, Trent, Trexus and Vaire.
Smalls, Chauncey, Atanatar and Swork.

Aratan, Dardhel, Donutello, Eolung, Gwaywffon, Liliah, Loden, Maedhros, Morten,
Smalls, Vaire and Vanidor. 

Nienor and Thor. Alkar, Incanus, Mint, Valur, Vengeance and Yants.

Gothmog, Lomion and Yavanna. 
Aredhel, Atlas, Axel, Indigo, Mandor and Namo.

And finally, I would like to sincerly thank:

Vanidor for assisting me in the very start of the project.
Eolung  for his assistance in creating and supervising the Vale.
Namo    for helping me reviewing the entire area.
Draught for making the Vale possible.
Fror    for the Bears (and everything else)!
Nienor  for being priceless in her assistance to me.

/Feanor and Eolung