The Zaugurz Orcs and the Third Side of the War

Date:Sat Jan 12 16:31:04 2002
As has been reported earlier, the politics around Goblin Gate has been
less than stable lately. The Zaugurz Orcs, having migrated southwards
from the cold North, clashed with the Tarkhnarbs, the tribe ruling the
Goblin Gate, and were finally expelled.

Licking their wounds, the Zaugurz moved back to older dwellings
further west, high up among the peaks of the Misty Mountains. Now,
having established a small fortification and having grown in number,
they have set their minds to take their vengeance on the treacherous
Tarkhnarb, and, if possible, regain some territory from them. This
does, of course, include fighting the powerful allies of the Tarkhnarb
as well as the Free People, who couldn't care less what tribe the Orcs
under their swords belong to.

In MUME terms, this means we have a third side of the war. Everyone
wants to kill an Uruk-Zaugurz, and a Zaugurz wants to kill everyone.
The minions of Sauron can tell the different orc tribes apart, but
others cannot. In the same way, the Zaugurz, not knowing the politics
of these lands, can't tell the different kinds of Men apart.

Concept      : Gothmog
Coding       : Dáin, Gothmog, and Manwë
Building     : Arla
Objects      : Deor
Testing      : Deor and Arla
Proof-reading: Fëanor