Game changes and skill/stat resets

Date:Wed Feb 20 20:54:14 2002
From time to time we make changes that affect the abilities of characters.
When the changes are very relevant (say, when we create a new weapon class),
we can grant skill resets so that players can adjust to the new situation.
When the changes are extremely relevant (say, the new stat system in MUME VII),
we even grant stat resets. This is because characters created and trained
before the changes may become utterly unplayable afterwards.

On the other hand, we do not grant any kind of reset when the changes are
relatively small, and they make your character just a little less powerful.
For your information, changing weapon damage by a few percent is not such an
earth-shaking event; so, there won't be any free skill reset. Nor will there
be one in the future, when/if we adjust damage again. If you want a reset,
you can get it in the usual way.

A few suggestions for those who think they "must" be using "the" most powerful
set of skills. First - you can have fun even if you're not invincible. Second
- try to differentiate your characters, so that if some evil Arata makes your
crushing warrior slightly wea... er, ***COMPLETELY RUINED!***, you can take
some consolation in your cleaving Dwarf. Finally, don't rank roll-playing
above roleplaying. If you tune your character to the point that you'd do
anything for one more point of OB... sorry, be ready to retire for rerolls
quite often.