Name Changes

Date:Sun Feb 24 21:13:39 2002
After much deliberation among MUME Management on the subject of name changes,
Manwe has written a policy for them. This means that if you want a name change,
check out this list, and don't ask if you shouldn't be asking!

Name changes will be granted (or forced) under these conditions:

1. A ridiculous name, completely out of context with MUME (i.e. Spiderman,
   LukeSkywalker, Saturn):

     => Force name change sooner or later.

       - Level 25 or under: Free.
       - Level 26 or above: 2 levels.

2. An offensive name (USARocks, SwedenSucks, f***, etc.):

     => Obvious: Nuke the player, even at level 100.
     => Subtle (happens to be offensive in some local language, or when read
                backwards on moonless nights, or...)

       - Level 25 or under: Forced name change, 1 level.
       - Level 26 or above: Forced name change, 3 levels.

   * Note, this does not mean we will be after everyone to change all of your
     potentially offensive names now.

3. A not-really-in-context name, or the player thinks of a name that would be
   cooler, or...:

     => Never force the name change.

       - Level 10 or under: Free.
       - Level 11 to 25: 2 levels.
       - Level 26 or above: No way.

4. A newly immorted Maia who wants to look cooler:

     => No way.

5. A new Vala:

     => Possibly. Come with a good reason.

These are the rules that Management will be following when it comes to changing
names, so don't bother asking 5 different V+ in hopes of a different verdict.

The MUME Management