Czech MUME meeting 2002 (on behalf of Shake)

Date:Sun Jul 7 13:05:28 2002
Hi all,

as you propably already know, there will be MUME meeting in Czech republic 
this summer. Its getting dangerously close to it, so it's the last warning 
for those who want to come to let me know that (ASAP). The official meeting 
is planned from 21.7. to 28.7. and it will take place in Prague and Olomouc. 
You can come forth or stay longer, but you should let me know that. Those 
who had signed up already should check, if their charname appeared on page (what is the official page of the meeting). If not 
please let me know that immediately. You all should check meeting page 
( more often now, because there will appear fresh informations 
about the meeting, and the most important, I'll post there meeting places 
and times at least 1 week before the meeting begin.

It seems that this meeting will be one of the greatest ever, alot of cool 
players, fun and beer. You are all welcome.

Shake the Ghost

name: Bohdan Cech
mobile phone: +420 777 234254
info page: