Re: Hiding and searching

Date:Wed Nov 20 23:07:33 2002
With the recent changes in hiding and searching, it has become possible to
backstab a searching character - under some very limited circumstances.
More specifically:

- If you haven't been searching in the past few seconds,
- And during that time someone else begun a backstab,
- And you type "search" when the backstab is almost through...

... then you are vulnerable to backstab.

-Just like before the changes-, searching should be making you immune to
backstab if you search at least once every N seconds, where N is the backstab
delay (unless you're half-blind, that is). The main difference is that now
"search" takes effect after the delay and not before.

By the way: before this change, players could "search" and then cancel the
search delay immediately...

A few changes will be available since next reboot. Those that affect gameplay:

- Searching has been made faster and less effective by one effort level.
  That is, a "search quick" before the change corresponds exactly to a
  "search fast" after the change.
- Some spam problems with backriders should be fixed

Finally a clarification. Awareness, alertness and 'sense life' increase your
chances of searching (and of avoiding a backstab) by improving your senses.
None of them gives total immunity.