Re: Hiding and searching

Date:Sun Nov 24 09:28:22 2002
When moving, characters search automatically for hidden life forms (as usual).

In the past week they've also been revealing any discovered PC or mob.
In order to reduce the related spam, this does not happen automatically
any more - if you find a hidden character, it is your choice whether to
use "reveal", attack or ignore that character.

The effects of most commands on "hide" have been updated.

Commands are now divided in four categories:
- Those that can be performed while being hidden (e.g. 'score');
- Those that reveal you to bystanders (e.g. 'say');
- Those that change your status from "hidden" to "sneaking" (e.g. moving);
- And those that make you leave your hiding place (e.g. 'bash').

A few commands (mostly socials and mudlled commands) still need some cleaning