News from Mirkwood

Date:Wed Dec 18 22:39:01 2002
Rumours are spreading in the fair Vale of Anduin of a dark shadow that is 
creeping about in the northern parts and lurking in the eaves of Mirkwood. Few
have seen it and lived to tell the tale, but those who returned were scared
half to death and now cower in fear within their homesteads and dare not 
travel too far in the dark or without company.
After the rumours started, large search parties have vanished without a trace.
Whether the cause is the black menace, or that they are lost within the forest,
not even Beorn himself seems to know.

Thanks to Frór for his patience, Nienor for the coding, and Aredhel and Indigo 
for help with all those things surrounding the shadow that I needed help with.