Arda Strengthens as its Power Begins to Grow

Date:Fri May 24 14:16:34 2024
Over the past three decades, MUME's player characters have experienced significant power increases due to new items, abilities, and changes like the level rebalance. Additionally, gaining experience points (XP) has become faster due to a wider variety of available mobs. This update aims to balance the scales between players and mobs.

Starting now, mobs level 21 and below have received a small buff to their offense, defense, and HP. While this buff is minor and likely won't drastically change the difficulty for individual players, it does affect some of MUME's more dangerous mobs, such as Rangers and Moria patrols. Players should be cautious and heed this warning.

Furthermore, mobs that are charmed will not receive this buff.

We hope this update will enhance the player experience by making mobs appropriately challenging relative to players. We will continue to monitor the situation and make further adjustments as needed.