Same-side Killing

Date:Sun Jun 22 23:15:57 2003
Remember that player killing is heavily restricted among the good races. And
though Sauron's List is not a part of the lives of the evil races, abusive
pk will not go unpunished (see, for example, Rules Trolls)

The following should also be considered before any same-side player killing.

Disagreements over kills:

- This person killed this evil thing that I was killing is NOT an excuse
  for killing him. You cannot expect it to be role-play to say I was
  killing an evil haunt bent on terrorizing the good citizens of Arda and
  this Hobbit came along and killed it while I was resting before finishing
  the fight, so I killed the Hobbit. (OOC: He stole my xp can get you

Killing for OOC reasons:

- It is NOT permissible to use Sauron's List as a means to a quick deletion
  of your character. If we find this has been the case, the character will
  remain in Morgul Vale until it deletes naturally and you might find the
  name on the reserved list when you try to reuse it.