Donation progress!

Date:Fri Feb 6 02:52:42 2004
Great news!

In little over ten days, FIRE has raised over three thousand US dollars, and
as such we have accumulated *TWO THIRDS* of the target number we set.. which
I think is incredible in so little time!

I would like to extend a very big Thank You to everybody who was donated so

.. but there is more! I have heard of several national collections going on,
including the Czech republic, Estonia and Australia. From what I hear, they
will be wiring money in at the end of February. Plus, we still see donations
come in on PayPal daily!

So, people, we are doing really good. Even though we all had some doubts at
first - now that we're seeing so many of our players coming through for us I 
have no doubt in my mind that we will reach our target number --- we might 
even get a little extra to cover future needs!

Again, thanks for your great support, it's really an inspiration to see that
so many are willing to contribute to this community!

-- Gothmog
ps. The 2004 member list has yet again been updated, you can find it at
If you are missing from the list or want to be excluded from the list, please
MUME mail me, or and we will sort things out.
I still have several international money wires without any identification,
even though the bulk has now been identified through e-mail.