The plan for receipts

Date:Mon Mar 8 10:29:08 2004
The old receipts will time out after some time, but not yet.

Step 1: Readjust prices of equipment

 - This must be done _before_ the recipts start to decay, otherwise
   you may only get 2 gold for something that will sell for 20 gold
   the next week, which we think is very unfair to those who trade
   in their receipts.

Step 2: Phase out old receipts.

This will be done in the following way, a separate news message will
be posted before this takes effect (and prices will be updated first too):

The first time you log in while not retired, all your receipts will
get a lifetime of a few weeks. Each time you log in after that, you will
see how much time you have before the first receipt will disappear.

If you are retired, your receipts will not start to decay before you
unretire and log in again.

Summary: You probably don't want to trade in all your receipts yet.

- Ilie