Introducing our new account types

Date:Thu Apr 1 06:52:58 2004
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Due to the incredible success of our recent fundraising campaign, we
have decided to make MUME a for-profit game. By now you have probably
seen advertisements popping up during your gameplay. We plan to use
advertising revenue to offset the cost of development. You may
continue to play the game for free, or you may upgrade your existing
account. Upgraded accounts will not be forced to see these
advertisements (though you can toggle them on if you want to help us
get paid more -- or if you simply like them).

In an effort to accomodate the varying needs of our players, we have
decided to introduce 6 new account types. These range from the novice
account type at $6.95/mo up to the elite account type at $39.95/mo
(all prices are in US dollars). To show our appreciation to everyone
who helped us buy the new machine, we have decided to waive account
startup fees and reduce your monthly bill by one half for the first 3

When you sign up for an advanced account, you will get:
    * Exemption from in-game advertisements.
    * Visible warpoints.
    * Ability to read mail from the account menu.
    * Ability to delete your own characters.
    * Group tell.

.. and much more! Go to the web page for all the details.

- Ilie