Housing and Development

Date:Mon Sep 27 15:46:46 2004
The Mayors of Bree and the Shire, Cirdan the Shipwright, Elrond the Half-
Elf, King Thorin II and the Commandant of Fornost have recently joined 
forces and come up with a standard process for legend citizens wishing to
build homes in their respective towns. It is their hopes that through the
opening of new offices in these towns that the planning and building of
residences will run more quickly and smoothly than in previous years.

If you are currently waiting on a home to be constructed or eligible and
interested in future home construction in these towns, visit newly opened
land offices located adjacently to the citizenship offices in each town.

You may also notice some construction and/or excavations in these towns
to make areas more habitable for new residents.

- Námo.