Alignment and Elbereth's list

Date:Sun Oct 3 20:58:38 2004
In a few hours, Elbereth's list will be gone with all of its effects. 

However, people with very evil alignment will now suffer most of the effects 
that used to be suffered by people on Elbereth's list. Also, attacking or
killing certain protected mobiles will start affecting alignment much more 
severely than before.

Note that knowingly aiding an unrepentant evil-doer is an evil act, and that
Valar will feel free to adjust alignment of those who do it until hard-coded
measures take care of most of these situations.

Since both Elbereth listings and Elbereth delistings used to be notoriously
inconsistent, many of the people that are currently on Elbereth's list will 
be taken off without any penalty. If, however, you are currently on the list
and good-aligned despite apparently deserving to be evil according to your 
trophy, your alignment may be adjusted; if it is adjusted, you will receive a 
mail warning you about it.

The precise effects of evil acts on alignment will change in the (hopefully
near) future.