Abilities training

Date:Wed Mar 30 20:01:49 2005
Instead of retiring to obtain a stat reroll, it is now possible to TRAIN
one's base abilities - strength, intelligence, perception... - in order to
achieve the same end result.

In order to do so, you need to select some abilities you want to improve, and
some other abilities you want to neglect. For example:

> train improve strength
You will try to improve your strength.

> train neglect constitution
You are going to neglect your constitution in order to concentrate on other

After typing these commands, your abilities will change in the direction you
specified. The change is very slow (it should become noticeable after about
a RL month) and it goes on even while your character is rented.

You can see your current choices with the "train status" command. Please note
that you need to specify at least one ability to improve and one ability to
neglect, otherwise none of your abilities will change.

Finally, you can stop the change at any time, as follows:

> train maintain strength
You will try to maintain your strength at its current level.

Some related changes:

- You can see your base abilities (the ones you picked when you created your
  character, or when you last rerolled) by typing "info %b"

- Skills that you choose to forget (via "train off <skill>") will now decay
  even while you are in rent