Re: Abilities training

Date:Mon Apr 25 08:18:23 2005
There used to be a bug in the training of abilities: when you were close to
reaching the maximum amount of training on a certain stat, it was possible
for some character creation points to disappear into nothingness, instead
of being moved to another stat.

The bug is now (presumably) fixed, but if you used "train improve" or "train
neglect" in the past few days, you might receive the following warning within
one hour of logging in:

      WARNING: your ability training has been cleared due to a bug.
      Please write a bug report about this.

If this happens only once, please disregard the warning. It means your
character was affected by the bug before it was fixed. On the other hand,
if you receive this message twice on the same character, or after more
than one hour of consecutive playing, please let me know.