Re: Abilities training

Date:Sat Feb 4 20:24:17 2006
As some players asked, it will soon be possible to "revert" one's
abilities towards their original values, after you have used "train"
to improve or neglect them.

This has the same effect as using "train improve" on a formerly neglected
ability, or "train neglect" on an improved ability, but once the ability
reaches its "natural" value it remains constant.


*> train revert con
You will try to bring your constitution back to its original level.

*> train stat
You are trying to improve the following abilities:
- intelligence
- perception
You are neglecting the following abilities:
- strength
- wisdom
You are bringing the following abilities back to their natural condition:
- constitution
You are trying to maintain all other abilities as they are.

This change will become active at reboot.