Two new zones near Ingrove are now open

Date:Wed Jun 23 20:46:52 2010
Two new zones have been opened directly south of Ingrove, in the Vale of the
Anduin. This small area will eventually mark the beginning of the Old Forest
Road, which will lead deeper into Mirkwood.

We thank the following people for their work:

Builders:             Antti and Rik
Proofreaders:         Erekose, Isildyr, Jahara, Phloxy

Supervisors:          Andróg and Naga
Grand-SV & Review:    Force, Sung, Timodeus
Ao/m:                 Fror

Mudlle:               Kalev, Mint, Timodeus

Testzone Builders:    Antti, Bambuk, Erekose, Gothûrzaz, Grima, Marte,
                      Phloxy, Qwait, Rik