Report command

Date:Sun Jul 18 13:03:31 2010
A new command is available to report any confidential issues to the Valar -
the command name is "report" and it works exactly as "bug", "idea" and "typo".

Please use "report", instead of the other commands mentioned above and instead
of mailing your favorite V+, in the following circumstances:

- You have a personal request that you know requires V+ attention, and you
  would like to keep it confidential and/or you do not receive a response
  to "pray". Example - you have a RL emergency and you would like to suspend
  your Istari quest.

- You think some other player may be cheating, yet you do not want to raise
  allegations in public.

- You have found a serious bug that could be abused if the details were made
  public. Example - the Balrog starts giving free shining armour to whomever
  is wielding a potato.