AprilMUD 2011

Date:Fri Apr 1 23:51:29 2011
For those who did not like our little April Sillyness, I want to apologise.
For those who did like it... I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Here is the list of things you could discover during the short stay:
- hobbits and trolls are promoted to level 21 at (every) login (later upped 
  to 26)

- all other races are retired at login

- only hobbits and trolls can unretire; time limit is removed

- Slingstones do 5 dmg.

- Morgoth loaded on SSC; he got eqclassed, BUILD removed,
  libs noblind and nobash added, he is CHARM, longdesc and desc changed,
  lang changed to Morbeth.
  He is also mudlled to remove sancs.

- There's a hobbit smial in z xxx connecting the Lorien outside with the
  inside (exits in Wall of Twilight, now we FINALLY know what it is about!)
  xxx contains mudlle that kills everyone entering it (let's not make
  Lorien easily-troll raidable) who is not a Hobbit).

- I connected xxx sn to yyy. Changed roomdescs. Connects vale with lorien.

- Mountain mules now are Fire Mules. And can breathe fire (fire breath) in
  /lib attack_mode (mxxx).

- Fountains and pools now recontain tea (you know, due to halflings'...)

- The lightsabre can now be loaded (o9908). Please do not hand out too many
  (one per side) and be prepared to mudlle them away again. It's a nasty

- Connected OEMRG with DT, changed the desc of DT as well (to reflect the
  situation back then as well).

- When flying with an eagle, "look" will also show rooms that are BUILD or

- Edda's spoon (large wooden cooking spoon) is now actually a weapon.

- Dwarven Battering Ram loads on neni.

- Gave Gandalf cheat-stats (high stats, ARMOUR, SANCTUARY, WIZLIGHT), made him
  level 100 (in case someone wants to play with him). He also has 500 WPs so he
  leads the list or warlords for today.

- Made that you can butcher eggs from all rabbits. Also:
  All hen's eggs (the ones you butcher from the rabbit) are randomly
  coloured - as are the rabbits themselves. The colours of the egg and the
  rabbit are not related.

- Added 10 gold to /kits.

- The lightsabre can now be loaded (o9908). Please do not hand out too many
  (one per side) and be prepared to mudlle them away again. It's a nasty

- added /lib timed_object and set timer to 15 ticks (changed around later)
- lightsabre loads on Morthan and Khuzur, world limit 4 (later removed)
- Loaded a couple of different herblores and orkish draughts in Edda's
  room in Warrens. Let's see what Trolls make from this.

- Refurbished m xxx (was unused) into some badass King of Gondor (aka
  Aragorn aka Strider). He's a pretty nasty fighter and has some nifty
  tracking installed.
  He bashes, kicks, and might do other things as well.

- Butterflys are now level xx and perma-sanced (and nocharm). They feature 2
  to 100 HPs... but do lots of dmg.

- Old Man Willow on the other hand: 20 to 30 Hps, 2 dam, rest of the stats are
  the same.

- There are many signs all over Arda, stuff as 3000 GP for entering Tharbad,
  Do not feed the bears in ingrove, sign on OERMG, Closed due to summer
  vacation in zorc-cave...
  Guards on tharbad at the sign will block entry (option to pay not imped).

- Fornost Kraken has now 15 tentacles - and features a nice congratulations-
  sign as well as 10k gold in the treasure room.

- There are heaps and heaps of pipeweed in xxxx (pipeweed storage).

- Elrond, Elladan, Elrohir, Glorfindel, Arwen, and Cirdan have been renamed to
  Averell Dalton, William D., Jack D., Joe D., Grandma Dalton, and Elvis. Why
  Elrond as smartest of them is Averell is beyond me. ;)

- Some nice eq got loaded in various places. ebs on ohurk chief, gilded has
  unsized fgc, ow has ornate, ep has bej, eoghha has unsized ragged, wc has

- Trolls can use (cmmands: drink/quaff) xxxx to get a 24 tick (a day, there-
  fore 12 ticks of day) protection from sun.
  5 ticks before it runs out they start to get notified (on the tick).
  Hand out the items if it seems fun, but do not give out too many! No
  loadspot of xxxx has been changed.

- A horse of the Rohirrim loads in PPI common room.

- Switched short and longdesc of Tom and Tom. ;)

- Loaded 15 balrog-rings in Bag End (and removed world limits on the 7 in

- after next reboot players start at 26

- also, shadow of death won't be given anymore

- tunnel from warrens (xxx) to tall orc.

- lightsabres are given out to random hobbit and random troll every 12 minutes

- sabre decay is reduced to 20 minutes

- lorien guilds set to 24h

- hobbits get all citizenships except lorien

- kit flags are removed on all deaths

- hobbits can get brd or slender dagger in kit

- hobbits get golden belt as +10 db anti-evil

- Kits contain many much better items (fgc, good boots, weapon).

- Ekets are more powerful.

- Lots of powerrings loaded in Bag End (iron, tin, ruby, copper, 15
  Balrog-rings), quartize

- Troll sunlotions loaded in chest in Michel Delving

- Lots of ekets loaded in many places (Bree, BWB, Hobbiton Central).

- Morningstars are renamed, they are not Deathstars.

- We built an arena where a Last Man Standing happens as last thing before
  this copy goes down (/transfer all, get gods out again).
  The arena loads bej and lots of scrolls. Everyone gets lightsabres before
  getting transferred.

Plus the various immortal-driven activities or other things we forgot to note.

    Enjoy MUME, people. ;)