April Fools 2011

Date:Sat Apr 2 04:48:30 2011
 We set up our gag by announcing a reboot with minor changes 30
 minutes before the switch.  With 5 minutes to go, we posted a fake
 news claiming that MUME's hard disks failed during the reboot, and
 that an emergency backup was running on port 4141.  We locked the
 real game with 1 minute to go before reboot.

 Once players started logging onto port 4141, hobbits and trolls were
 automatically promoted to level 21, and everyone else was forced into
 retirement with no way to leave the retirement halls.  Soon there
 were 18 hobbits vs. 18 trolls battling in the infamous tunnel
 connecting the Old East Road Meets Greenway and the Dark Tower.

 Hobbits were given 10 gold and some legend equipment in their
 newbie kits.  Trolls were told by Grinder "It rubs the lotion on
 its skin or else it turns to stone again," which hinted at the sun
 lotion found in the Warrens and other locations on Arda.

 Legend equipment and artifacts were given out like candy.  Soon both
 Hobbits and Trolls were treated to the dreaded lightsabre, which
 leveled the playing field by allowing either side to kill the other
 with just a few hits.  Eventually lightsabres were given out randomly.

 Later reboots were given to raise the starting level to 26, disable
 shadow of death, and move time backwards 3 months to midwinter.
 At the very end of the prank everyone was given a lightsabre and
 transferred to a "last man standing" deathmatch arena.

Credits: Timodeus, Mint, Gruenthar and Antti.