Recent minor changes (shooting, bashing, help, achievements, LH stats 2012)

Date:Sat Jan 12 15:06:07 2013
Informing everyone about the following topics:

#1 Aiming <bow> shown while shooting
For example, 
Anttitest the Harfoot, aiming a black horn shortbow, is here, fighting a giant fungus.

#2 Show who a bashed person is trying to fight
For example,
Anttitest sends a giant fungus sprawling with a powerful bash.
A giant fungus is sitting here, trying to fight Anttitest.

#3 Help wildcards
support ? and ?? wildcards in help subject listings
Improved the 'help' command: '?' replaces any single word and '??' replaces any
words at the end of the line.

#4 New achievements
Ghost of Enidale and Elven dagger quests are now recorded in achievements.

#5 Legendhome statistics
During 2012 16 new Legendhomes were built; in Rivendell, Bree, Fornost, Shire,
Harlond and in Blue Mountains. Additionally existing homes were enhanced, bunch
of new keys were delivered, and lots of LH payments / consultation took place.

Best regards, the management.