Recent minor changes (GG, cave lion, MUME rooms...)

Date:Sun Mar 10 10:46:41 2013
Informing everyone about the following topics:

#1 Great Goblin's hunting is restricted to the Great Hall rooms.

#2 Cave lion's bash
The delay between possible bashes has been increased to minimum of 1 second.

#3 Miscellaneous in-game messages have been updated;
This concerns Sauron's darkness, Mithnaur the Dragon and Mrak the orkish
shaman. Thanks to Caldan for contribution.

#4 Handle DEL input
If you're on an simplistic client (think telnet) or are entering your password
(e.g., in powwow) the DEL character (sometimes emitted by the backspace key)
will be handled the same way as backspace (also sometimes emitted by the
backspace key or Ctrl-H). For a while you've been getting an error message if
you entered a DEL character.

#5 New achievement
Honburg hobbit mill quest is now recorded in achievements.

#6 Dugout Room in the Brambles now watchable
Based on Yelwanis' idea post, "Dugout Room in the Brambles" has now the watch
tower functionality for the surrounding lands. Announced separately as this is
in the neighbourhood of active PK area.

#7 Room overflow crash
MUME crash on late February occurred because we hit the game's (previous) room
limit of 32K rooms. The problem has been fixed now.
MUME has currently 32899 rooms, out of which 24589 are open, in 236 zones.

Best regards, the management