Recent minor changes (latches, animals, languages, and the Grey Havens)

Date:Mon Jun 17 14:33:13 2013
1. Newbie-friendly improvement to latched doors:
  >op exit e
  It seems to be latched.
2. Roughly 300 animal-mobiles that were not before are now accessible by the
keyword "animal".
Your riding mounts have been excluded from this. While that might not make a
lot of logical sense, it seems pretty bad for playability if you constantly
attack each other's mounts (or your own?) during adventuring.
Thanks go to Terdamon, who did the groundwork.

3. Another round of fighting through the typo-board has happened.

4. Since June 11, the order in which your language knowledge is displayed has
changed. It is now listed by your knowledge in each language, from highest to
lowest (and alphabetically if you have two or more language with the same

5. The farm directly south of Harlond has been somewhat redesigned (the layout
is the same as it always was, but most of the houses do not occupy places on
the grid anymore. Instead, new (hopefully nice) rooms have been written.