Recent minor changes (horses, wolves, telling , incog)

Date:Sun Jul 7 15:52:42 2013
1. As a cleanup to the addition of the keyword "animal" to animals: docile
   horeses are now, as all mounts should be, not accessible by that keyword.
2. All kinds of wolves will now howl once in a while and also reply to howls
   they hear (demon wolves and werewolves are exluded at the moment).

3. It was still possible to abuse "tell" to see if certain mobiles are alive
   or dead as the spam check (spamming three times tell xxx) occured before
   the test if you are allowed to tell the mobile. This is fixed.
4. "incog level" has been updated. As of the next reboot, you will not show up
   in "who legends", "who warriors" and similar level-or-class revealing "who"
   Note: this flag hides *both* your level and class.