Recent minor changes (Mirkwood, Amon Othar, Morgul Blade...)

Date:Fri Sep 27 20:30:22 2013
Informing everyone about the following changes:

1) Mirkwood
The zone alignment in the existing Mirkwood-areas in the Vale have been
adjusted according to the rules made for the new areas in Mirkwood. In
general, they became a bit less evil than they were (they are still pretty
evil, it is Mirkwood after all).
The behaviour of a darkly gnarled tree has been changed to be more dangerous,
be warned.

2) Amon Othar
The "outer" part of Amon Othar will no longer respawn if anyone is in one of
those rooms or inside the inner part of the tomb. In addition, when voiding in
any room inside Amon Othar, the player will be moved outside upon leaving the

3) Luxzúm the Morgundul Shaman
Part of his area will no longer respawn if players are inside, to avoid the
mobtrap resulting from such an event. In addition, players who void inside the
Slave Chambers will re-enter the game just outside them.

4) Tom Bombadil 
Will now again free entrapped travellers from snaring roots.

5) Morgul Blade
Unattended MB vanishes in sunlight again, this hasn't worked since Aug 2012.

6) Guards
Guards who are tasked with preventing unauthorized entrance to protected
places are going to pay a little more attention to those suspicious
adventurers that try to walk past. Especially if such suspicious adventurers
try to stab the guard in the back just for doing his duty.

Best regards, the management